Anta releases the Winter Olympics franchise "national flag sportswear" for the first time in history

2020-08-26  417

The Tokyo Olympics marketing plan was forced to disrupt, but Anta's preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics were not affected.

On July 27th, as the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Anta Winter Olympics licensed product "National Flag Sportswear" was officially released. This is the first time in Olympic history that "National Flag Sportswear" (with All flag products are not allowed to be sold unless authorized by the state).

The "national flag sportswear" is divided into four series: classic national flag, national team equipment, star series and endless series. The first two series are mainly T-shirts and sweaters, the color is white and red, the national flag elements are in the center, and the logos of Anta and Winter Olympics are used as embellishments; the latter two series do not completely adopt the national flag or national emblem.

Anta Winter Olympics national flag sports T-shirt Image source: Anta official

Since it is the first time to launch a national flag product, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has very strict requirements for this cooperation. According to Anta Executive Director and President Zheng Jie, both sales channels and product design must be reported to the Olympic Organizing Committee. For this reason, Anta has set up a special business unit, which takes 6 months from planning to listing.

At 0:00 on July 27, the "Winter Olympic Flag" will be officially launched in Anta Tmall flagship store. Three pop-up stores in Beijing and Shanghai and Anta offline flagship stores in important cities across the country will also be on sale simultaneously.

In terms of price, compared to Anta's ordinary clothing, the "national flag sportswear" will be 2-3 higher prices and cannot be discounted. Take the national flag sports T-shirt as an example. Its Tmall flagship store is priced at 259 yuan, which is about 100 yuan higher than the ordinary one.

As it is an Olympic licensed product, the sales cycle of this series of apparel will end at the end of February 2022, which is the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, Zheng Jie said that since the "Star Series" and the "Endless Series" do not fully adopt the elements of the national flag and the national emblem in the design, he hopes to discuss with the Olympic Organizing Committee whether they can continue to sell the two series after the Winter Olympics. .

Anta became the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2019 and is also the only sports brand apparel. It should be noted that the sponsorship of the Beijing Winter Olympics is divided into four levels: official partners, official sponsors, official exclusive suppliers, and official suppliers. Anta is the highest-level sponsor of the Winter Olympics.

The reason why it was possible to launch the "national flag sportswear" for the first time in history, a sports marketing expert told 36 krypton, "It has a lot to do with the holding of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The superiors had previously proposed to let 300 million people go on ice and snow; In addition, Anta has been cooperating with the Chinese Olympic Organizing Committee for 11 years, sponsoring Olympic apparel for 32 Chinese sports teams, which can give the greatest exposure to the Winter Olympics."

For Anta, the launch of the "national flag sportswear" is more a marketing output of brand power, but for the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee, it may reap greater commercial success.

The market development of the Beijing Winter Olympics includes three parts: sponsorship plan, franchise plan, and ticketing plan. In addition to the bulk of the revenue from sponsorship fees, the sale of licensed merchandise in each Olympic cycle can bring significant benefits to the Olympic Organizing Committee.

According to 36 krypton, since the official launch of the franchise plan in early 2018, by the end of 2019, more than 1,600 licensed products have been launched for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and 79 licensed retail stores and 1 official Olympic online store have been opened. There are more than 190 pairs of high-speed rail trains selling related products at the same time.

According to statistics from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee as of the end of November 2019, the sales of licensed products for the Beijing Winter Olympics have exceeded 500 million yuan. The sale of the "national flag sportswear" will also further increase the sales of licensed products for the Beijing Winter Olympics.