What kind of clothes do we need to wear when running?

2020-08-26  387

Firstly: What is the advantage of wearing tights when running, compared with ordinary sportswear?

1. Moisture wicking. Due to the special-shaped structure of clothing fibers, its moisture transmission speed can reach 5 times that of ordinary cotton fabrics, so it can quickly transfer sweat from the human body.

2. Quick drying. Sweat evaporation is mainly accomplished by body radiant heat and air convection, but because the surface area of fiber fabrics is much larger than that of ordinary fabrics, it evaporates faster.

3. Light and breathable. The fabric shape of the special fiber determines that the clothes will be much lighter than ordinary clothes in the same area, the air permeability is also superior, and the wearing is obviously comfortable.

4. Reduce fatigue. Tight fit can reduce muscle jitter and energy consumption. Because of the pressure, blood in the lower limbs can speed up the return to the heart, thereby increasing the body's energy supply and prolonging exercise time, reducing fatigue.

Secondly: the key points of buying running tights

There is a simple way to judge how to buy the desired tights: put a drop of water on the clothes. The phenomenon is that you have not seen the shape of the water drop. The water drop is quickly absorbed by the fabric and spreads quickly into one piece. It is ok if there is no obvious dampness.

There is also a tight compression garment for professional athletes. Because the gradient compression technology is extended to the production process of clothes, in order to improve sports performance, the clothes have many high-tech content and many special functions, which are welcomed by professional athletes. Used, it is known as the "second skin" of the human body. Because of the brand effect and extensive influence, the price is naturally high.

Thirdly: How to maintain your running tights

1. Inspection and classification

Brush off excess dust and sand on clothes in advance. Separate dark and light-colored clothing, black, navy blue, and forest green can be put together. But light yellow, pink, pink blue, and heather gray, etc., need to be treated separately.

2. Hand wash or machine wash

You can refer to the washing label on the clothing for cleaning, which can better protect the clothing fibers.

3. Laundry liquid or soap

Soak it for 20-30 minutes first, and a small amount of laundry detergent can be used to wash away the sweat better. At the same time, the laundry detergent is easier to rinse and does not hurt your hands. If you find stains on the clothes (such as the neckline), use soap to wash the key areas.

4. Avoid using softener

Tights have become more and more styling, capable of dissipating heat and wicking sweat. If you add fabric softener during cleaning to soften the fibers. Although it will bring fragrance to clothing, it also reduces the perspiration, antifouling and breathability of tights.