Which sportswear is suitable for athletes?

2020-08-26  766

We all know that athletes will wear their beloved sportswear before they go on the field. For athletes, sportswear is their "war horse". They gallop on the field with them, like weapons in their hands, fearless enemies, fighting side by side. So how can athletes choose suitable sportswear for them? How can we show the sporty style on the field? Let’s take a look with the editor below!

The first consideration for athletes is the breathability of sportswear, followed by wind resistance, because in order to maintain body temperature during exercise, wind resistance is very important; at the same time, the abrasion resistance and comfort of sportswear are also important for athletes' performance. Impact, the main function of sportswear is to protect athletes from harm to the body during exercise.

Games are generally held in seasons, the most important of which are the summer games and the winter games, because the climate of these two games is at two extremes, one hot and the other cold. Therefore, according to different seasons, choose sportswear with different functions. When the weather is hot, choose light and breathable sportswear to help the body quickly dissipate heat. When the weather is cold, choose sportswear with good warmth and thicker clothes. Can effectively maintain body heat.

One last thing to note. According to the requirements of different competitions, choose sportswear suitable for the sport. Generally loose, light and thin as the mainstream, athletes will sweat a lot in sports, so sportswear must absorb sweat, even if you leave more sweat during exercise, the clothes will not stick to the body. Some pure cotton sportswear is very popular because the pure cotton fabric has good moisture absorption, soft fabric and will not irritate the skin.